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From a 2D file

3D modeling from 2D drawing or image


Model in 3D from a photo or sketch. We deliver visual renders or files ready to be 3D printed.

From a plan or CAD

Modeling from a 2D file or drawing


Based on a technical plan or a CAD file, we adjust your files to your needs.

Adaptation of existing file

3D printing model adaptation and repair


From your 3D render, we adapt your files to the constraints of 3D printing.



3d modeling is an essential part of your 3D printing project because the final part will come to life from a 3D file. It consists in realizing an object or a character in 3D on a computer. With an adapted 3d modeling software, the 3d modeler or infographist recreates as accurately as possible the idea, the drawing or the 2D plane.

We offer various 3D modeling services: the creation of the 3D file from a drawing, a sketch or 2D plane and even from an existing object. Our team also offers a file correction and adaptation to 3D printing in order to guarantee the feasibility of 3D printing.

This 3D Modelling service is offered independently or in addition to an additive manufacturing service.

The 3D modeling service may be used in several domains for different applications.

Architecture: Model in 3D from the CAD files or 2D plan allows to visualize better the project and to imagine the final result accurately thanks to a realistic render. With a file adapted to 3D printing it will also be possible make a model of a real-estate project or of the interior of a building.

Miniatures, model-maker and comics: Drawing a character in 3D to integrate it in a virtual world or to 3D print statues and miniatures. Manufacturing of short series of your favorite heroes.

Art and Design: Transform art creation to a 3D design allows expressing and transmitting better the ideas and the artistic and innovative shapes. 

Spare or broken pieces: When you look for a replacement piece of a product that is not anymore available in the market, it is possible to model and then to print it in 3D. It allows to change only the broken part and to avoid having to buy a new entire product.

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