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3D printed prototypes


Rapid prototyping of your projects by 3D printing


You are in the design phase of a product, we are here to help you to print 3D prototype enabling you to make partial but realistic tests of ergonomics, colour, design, etc ... helping you improve your approach to designing your product.

Rapid prototyping can effectively implement ideas and validate the relevance of some decisions with better performance.

With 3D printing, the similarity to the final product and the realism of the prototype will allow you to present your projects to your teams and clients to obtain comments prior to fabrication.

Example of a 3D printed handle prototype

The 3D printing of a Design prototype allows to evaluate the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects. 

A Geometric Prototype tests geometric and volumetric conformity, shape and assembly.

The 3D printing of a functional Prototype validates the operation and tests the functioning of the final product.

The technical Prototype evaluates all functions of a final product.

Additive 3D delivers fully finished and functional prototypes adjusted to your specifications, deadlines and budget.

Example of a 3D plug prototype

Prototype of phone plug for trial pre manufacturin
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