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Repair & adapt a 3D file

Repair & adapt a 3D file


Specific modeling for 3D printing


Modelling parts for 3D printing differs from conventional modeling used to make a render for a web or virtual use.

Effectively, if you are in possession of a 3D file, this does not necessarily means that your file is printable: rendering software (3ds max, maya, blender...) is not intended for 3D printing but for video rendering. There are some specific features to modeling for 3D printing.

The constraints also vary depending on the manufacturing technology used.

Prepare an useful file

In order to transform your designs into a printable data, Additive 3D adapts your render or CAD file by correcting errors harmful to the smooth running of 3D printing.

Here is a list of errors we repair:

- Checking minimum thicknesses and small details.
- Thickening of fragile areas if necessary.
- Validating the correct geometry of the part: a file may seem quite right at rendering but could not geometrically correct.
- Closing open borders.
- Eliminating self-intersections (or overlapping surfaces).
- Detecting and repairing non-manifold surfaces.

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