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Alumide - PA + Aluminium

Alumide - PA12 + Aluminium

This material is characterized by its high rigidity, its good post-treatment possibilities and its metallic appearance.

The alumide is a polyamide 12 powder loaded with aluminum particles. Metallic gray in color, it is often used to simulate the appearance of metal. It withstands high temperatures 130 ° C.

Parts printed from Alumide have excellent material properties:

- Excellent dimensional accuracy.

- Well balanced ratio of density and rigidity.

- Increased thermal conduction and good machinability.

- The surfaces of Alumide parts can be refined very easily by grinding, polishing or coating.


Examples of use of Alumide:

  • Manufacture of metallic appearance parts for automotive applications (engine parts).
  • Visual and illustrative models (metallic aspect) for education or presentation of projects.
  • Template manufacturing, wind tunnel tests, tool insertion tool.

Technical data of Alumide

Densité de l´alumide 1,36 +/- 0,05 g/cm³ 
Force de traction de l´alumide 48 +/- 3 MPa (DIN en ISO527)
Module de traction de l´alumide 3.800 +/- 150 MPa (DIN en ISO527)
Allongement à la rupture 20 +/- 5 % (DIN en ISO527)
Module de flexion 3.600 +/- 150 MPa (DIN en ISO178)
Résistance à la flexion 41 MPa (D790)
Résistance au choc (Charpy) 29 +/- 2 kJ/m² (DIN en ISO179)
Résistance au choc entaillé (Charpy) 4,6 +/- 0,3 kJ/m² (DIN en ISO179)
 Dureté shore D76 +/- 2 (DIN 53505)
Température de fléchissement chaleur 130 °C (ASTM D648 à 1,82 MPa)
Allongement à la rupture 3,5 +/- 1 % (DIN en ISO527)
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