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Stainless steel inox 316L


Features of 316L 3D printed stainless steel

This very robust material can be used in all industrial sectors (food industry, medical sector (surgical instruments), Energy, Automobile ...).

Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, 316L stainless steel is also suitable for the nautical industry (maritime components) and cutlery.

3D printing in stainless steel AIsi 316L allows to manufacture parts ready to be machined, prototypes and durable tools.

Example of fields of application for 316L stainless steel:

  • Fully functional production tools
  • Corrosion resistant tools and parts
  • Injection molds, molding and inserts
  • Rigid housings and parts for food machines
  • Maritime components

Properties of 316L Stainless Steel

Densité  7.99 g/cm³
Conductivité thermique 16.2 W/mK
Niveau de fusion 1 371 °C to 1 399 °C
Coefficient d’expansion thermique 16 10-6 K-1 (entre 0 °C to 100 °C.)

Mechanical properties of components made of 316L Stainless Steel

Force de tension (UTS)  Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 676 MPa ±2 MPa

Vertical 624 MPa ±17 MPa

Élasticité Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 547 MPa ±3 MPa

Vertical  494 MPa ±14 MPa

Allongement à la rupture Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 43% ±2%

Vertical 35% ±8%

Module d’élasticité  Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 197 GPa ±4 GPa

Vertical 190 GPa ±10 GPa

Dureté (Vickers) ASTM E384-11

Horizontal 198 HV0.5 ±8 HV0.5

Vertical 208 HV0.5 ±6 HV0.5

Rugosité de surface (Ra)  JIS B 0601-2001 (ISO 97)

Horizontal 4 μm to 6 µm

Vertical 4 µm to 6 µm

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