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Titanium, light and resistant metal

The TiAl6V4 titanium powder-based metal printed in 3D offers an excellent weight / resistance ratio.

This light material also has very good corrosion resistance which allows it to be adapted to the most demanding and advanced industries (aeronautics, medical, automotive, energy, etc.).

Parts made of Titanium by 3D printing have mechanical properties comparable to a cast metal part.

It can be used to make prototypes, unique pieces, medical instruments.

Example of application areas for TiAl6V4 titanium

  • Aeronautics and defense
  • Sports car
  • Jewelry and art
  • Maritime applications
  • High-end sports equipment
  • Medical and dental

Properties of Ti6Al4V titanium material by additive manufacturing

Densité 4.42 g/cm3
Conductivité thermique 6 W/mK to 8 W/mK
Niveau de fusion 1635 °C to 1665 °C


Force de tension (UTS)  Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 1033 MPa ±4 MPa

Vertical 1034 MPa ±7 MPa

Élasticité Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 947 MPa ±2 MPa

Vertical  923 MPa ±21 MPa  

Allongement à la rupture Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 16% ± 1%

Vertical 17% ±1%

Module d’élasticité  Test ASTM E8

Horizontal 127 GPa ±3 GPa

Vertical 125 GPa ±4 GP

Dureté (Vickers) ASTM E384-1

Horizontal 352 HV0.5 ±9 HV0.5

Vertical 360 HV0.5 ±7 HV0.5

Rugosité de surface (Ra)  JIS B 0601-2001 (ISO 97)

Horizontal 4 μm to 6 μm

Vertical 4 μm to 7 μm

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