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Polyamide PA12

Polyamide - PA 12

Characteristics of Polyamide PA12

Polyamide is a solid nylon powder which offers good mechanical properties at a competitive price.

Polyamide PA12 plastic material is opaque, rigid and beautifully finished, it can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from consumer products, automotive, medicine to aeronautical industry.

This material offers very interesting characteristics for the production of final parts or functional prototypes, it is perfectly suited to the production of parts requiring complex, precise shapes and has good resistance to handling and temperature. It is also suitable for carrying out physical tests and for functional use in real conditions.

PA12, a plastic with exceptional characteristics, offers great mechanical and thermal resistance: its performance is high and close to the final product.

Examples of areas of application for Polyamide PA12

  • Hoods and boxes, turbines, connectors, consumer sporting goods, dashboards.
  • Push-fit designs, functional prototypes close to properties.
  • Fast manufacturing for small to medium series.

  • Medical applications. 

  • Parts to be machined or joined by adhesive.

  • Complex production plastic parts and prototypes for functional form or assembly tests.

  • Presentation models and architecture.

Properties of Polyamide PA 12

Densité du PA12 0,95 +/- 0,03 g/cm³
Force de traction du PA12 48 +/- 3 MPa (DIN en ISO527)
Module de traction du PA12 1,650 MPa (DIN en ISO527)
Allongement à la rupture du PA12 20 +/- 5 % (DIN en ISO527)
Module de flexion du PA12  1,500 N/mm² (DIN en ISO178)
Résistance à la flexion du PA12 41 MPa (D790)
Résistance au choc (Charpy) du PA12 53 +/- 3,8 kJ/m² (DIN en ISO179)
Résistance au choc entaillé (Charpy)du PA12 4,8 +/- 0,3 kJ/m² (DIN en ISO179)
 Dureté Shore D/A du PA12  D 75 +/- 2
Température de fléchissement à la chaleur du PA12  86ºC(ASTM D648) (1,82MPa)
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